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Hear from our customers

The Effectiveness of AI in Tax Analysis with Travis Thompson, Tax Attorney | Sideman & Bancroft LLP 

This webinar takes a close look at how AI can support the work of tax practitioners, helping them get to better insights faster than ever.

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The Future of Intelligent Diagramming with Raymond Adlington, Tax Partner | Miller Thomson

See how quickly and easily Ray Adlington creates a complex step-transaction diagram in minutes using Blue J Diagramming.

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How Welch LLP Provides Superior Service with Blue J Tax with Zoran Vranjkovic

With Blue J’ AI-powered solution, Zoran Vranjkovic and his team at Welch LLP provide deeper insights in less time than any other traditional research and analysis methods.

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“Blue J is both fast and accurate, the two best traits to have for research assistance. The researching time that I saved by using Blue J allowed me to spend more time developing thoughtful analysis, creating solutions, and confirming assumptions.”

– William Daniel, Tax Attorney, BrownWinick

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