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“As corporate counsel to large organizations, we often supplement institutional memory. Our direct clients are the in-house lawyers. If we can help them understand their own corporate structure, they like us because we make them look good.”
- David Kruse, Partner, Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
“Blue J is both fast and accurate. The researching time that I saved by using Blue J allowed me to spend more time developing thoughtful analysis, creating solutions, and confirming assumptions.”
- William Daniels, Tax Attorney | BrownWinick
“Blue J gives younger attorneys and associates the chance to spend more time on analysis, more time creating better work product. It’s going to improve your employees’ work-life balance because they’re not spending hours upon hours on tax research. Instead, they can spend more time being mentored by partners and senior leaders.”
– Travis Thompson, Tax Attorney | Sideman & Bancroft LLP
“Blue J Tax poses the right questions and the analysis it does, seemingly by magic, produces well-articulated results and the key cases you would likely need in order to address the questions you have.”
– John Sorensen, Tax Attorney | Gowling WLG

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"I've used Ask Blue J to help me research tax issues and respond to client questions. Its very helpful to create a high-level summary of a specific tax issue/question and provides links to the source documents.  You can modify the results by asking additional questions to expand on or exclude a topic. You can also have it remove code section references that a client doesn't need to see or even draft the response as an email to a client."
Kristi Taylor | Larson Gross
“Integrating Ask Blue J into our workflow enables us to leverage generative AI to get client responses faster while maintaining the precision and accuracy we’re known for.”
Christopher Nuss | BrownWinick Law
“We field a high volume of tax questions that require timely answers, regardless of complexity. Integrating Ask Blue J into our process will enhance client response times while delivering high-quality, comprehensive explanations and exceptional service.”
Clint Coons | Anderson Business Advisors
"I love Ask Blue J so far! Most of my career, bonus depreciation has been at 100%, so beyond the basic rules of section 179, my knowledge is lacking. On one of my returns, I need to step up the basis of equipment as part of a 754 election. I needed to know if I could take section 179 on the equipment basis step up. In under 5 minutes I was able to get clear answer, in an easily digestible summary, that I could print to the file for support. Without Ask Blue J, this research would have taken me hours."
Kayla Luttrell | Larson Gross
“We've explored how AI solutions can support our client work, although we identified some limitations when it comes to research. Ask Blue J fills that gap and brings next-generation technology into the research process without sacrificing quality.”
Blake Lessard | Hall CPA PLLC
“The integration of Ask Blue J into our operations empowers us to leverage the capabilities of generative AI for tax. The significant time savings and improved access to important tax materials allow our team to allocate more focus towards strategic client advisory.”
Robert Charron | Perelson Weiner LLP
“The adoption of Ask Blue J and generative AI represents a significant advancement in tax research for Whiteford and our clients.”
Jordan Halle | Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP
"I have been using Ask Blue J as a resource for SMR questions from clients and team members. It has been a huge time saver for research and drafting emails, especially during such a busy time of year."
Rachelle Kelly | Larson Gross
"I can turn around client questions much more quickly. What would have previously taken a half hour to an hour or more, takes 15 minutes with Ask Blue J."
Kyle Glickson | Flott & Co.
"I’ve been using Ask Blue J frequently for the last couple of weeks, both for real client questions and to test what it can do. It quickly summarizes case law and drafts client emails within minutes, which saves me a lot of time."
Meaghan Greydanus | Larson Gross
"This is a powerful tool, injecting AI into my research. As a proprietor, I want to sell my tax research in the form of an advisory delivery and Ask Blue J enables me to do that."
Martin Eisenstein | CPA & Attorney-at-law


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