Hall CPA adopts Ask Blue J, the first generative AI for tax research, to enhance client services

August 29, 2023

Blue J, a leading provider of AI technology, is excited to announce that Hall CPA, well-known accounting and advisory firm for the real estate sector, has recently joined their portfolio of clients. Hall CPA will adopt Ask Blue J, the first generative AI platform for tax research, to improve client services and empower its practitioners with state-of-the-art technology. 

"We are honored to have been chosen as a trusted provider for Hall CPA," said Mat Armstrong, Director of Customer Success, Blue J "By integrating Ask Blue J into their tax research process, Hall CPA practitioners gain access to a powerful tool and vast content library of tax law enabling them to perform tax research faster and with more confidence than ever before.” 

Hall CPA is committed to providing exceptional service to its clients. Both organizations share a vision that technology can help empower tax professionals to navigate the ever-evolving and complex tax landscape. By combining their extensive expertise and client-centric approach with Blue J's innovative technology, Hall CPA is confident that can help real estate investors reduce taxes and gain better financial clarity than ever before.

Blake Lessard, VP of Operations for Hall CPA, says, "We've always been at the forefront of adopting technology to achieve superior and faster outcomes for our clients. In this pursuit, we've explored how AI solutions can support our client work, although we identified some limitations when it comes to research. Ask Blue J fills that gap and brings next-generation technology into the research process without sacrificing quality. For us, this means yet another step forward in providing a significant advantage to our clients when they seek tax planning and advisory services."

Ask Blue J utilizes large language models and a vast, reliable database to simplify and streamline tax research and enable tax professionals to quickly access accurate and reliable information. 

About Hall CPA

Hall CPA is a distinguished accounting firm specializing in tax and advisory services for real estate businesses and professionals. With a team of highly skilled professionals and a commitment to excellence, Hall CPA provides tailored solutions to clients, offering strategic guidance that delivers successful outcomes.

About Blue J

Blue J is a legal technology company on a mission to bring absolute clarity to the law. Our software empowers tax and legal professionals to perform exceptional analysis and deliver faster, more insightful advice. The world's leading professional service firms harness Blue J’s industry-leading AI solutions to solve their client’s most challenging issues, unlocking extraordinary customer value.

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