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We’re building a platform that is revolutionizing legal research. Read on if you're interested in helping our quickly growing team make it happen. 


About Us

Blue J uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to make the law more transparent and accessible. The company’s technology saves researchers hours of time and offers confident answers in challenging circumstances. Blue J's products, Blue J Tax, Blue J L&E, and Blue J HR help professionals make judgments that are faster, more accurate, and predictably the same as the decisions that government agencies and courts would reach in the same situation. While the company is beginning with tax and employment law, the technology is versatile and is being extended to cover other areas of law in the US, Canada and around the world.


Company Values

We are customer-focused.

We put the team interest before self-interest.

We are pleasant and playful.

We are open to better ideas.

We deliver on our promises.

We solve the tough problems. 


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2021 Diversio Certification