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Generative AI for tax research

Leveraging our extensive US tax content database and the most advanced large language models, Ask Blue J generates reliable and verifiable tax answers in seconds.
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Next generation tax research

Get verifiable answers to your tax questions quickly and efficiently with Ask Blue J.

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Research with confidence

Ask Blue J surfaces a comprehensive list of sources used in the response and highlights the passages within each document so you can quickly and easily verify the answer.

Go deeper in your research

Utilizing a knowledge graph, Ask Blue J surfaces additional related materials such as cases, documents, statutes and regulations so you can go deeper in your research.

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Clarify your understanding

Prompt Ask Blue J with a tax question in a natural conversational style. Its intuitive chat interface lets you ask clarifying questions to delve deeper into your question and build a robust response.

Expedite your drafting

Communicate your research clearly and concisely. With the click of a button, create a memo or email that summarizes your findings, customized according to your preferences and audience.

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See why Ask Blue J is next generation tax research. 

Watch our on-demand webinar exploring AI's transformative potential in tax research, hosted by Benjamin Alarie, CEO and Susan Massey, VP Legal Research of Blue J.

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"I've used Ask Blue J to help me research tax issues and respond to client questions. Its very helpful to create a high-level summary of a specific tax issue/question and provides links to the source documents.  You can modify the results by asking additional questions to expand on or exclude a topic. You can also have it remove code section references that a client doesn't need to see or even draft the response as an email to a client."
Kristi Taylor | Larson Gross
“Integrating Ask Blue J into our workflow enables us to leverage generative AI to get client responses faster while maintaining the precision and accuracy we’re known for.”
Christopher Nuss | BrownWinick Law
“We field a high volume of tax questions that require timely answers, regardless of complexity. Integrating Ask Blue J into our process will enhance client response times while delivering high-quality, comprehensive explanations and exceptional service.”
Clint Coons | Anderson Business Advisors
"I love Ask Blue J so far! Most of my career, bonus depreciation has been at 100%, so beyond the basic rules of section 179, my knowledge is lacking. On one of my returns, I need to step up the basis of equipment as part of a 754 election. I needed to know if I could take section 179 on the equipment basis step up. In under 5 minutes I was able to get clear answer, in an easily digestible summary, that I could print to the file for support. Without Ask Blue J, this research would have taken me hours."
Kayla Luttrell | Larson Gross
“We've explored how AI solutions can support our client work, although we identified some limitations when it comes to research. Ask Blue J fills that gap and brings next-generation technology into the research process without sacrificing quality.”
Blake Lessard | Hall CPA PLLC
“The integration of Ask Blue J into our operations empowers us to leverage the capabilities of generative AI for tax. The significant time savings and improved access to important tax materials allow our team to allocate more focus towards strategic client advisory.”
Robert Charron | Perelson Weiner LLP
“The adoption of Ask Blue J and generative AI represents a significant advancement in tax research for Whiteford and our clients.”
Jordan Halle | Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP
"I have been using Ask Blue J as a resource for SMR questions from clients and team members. It has been a huge time saver for research and drafting emails, especially during such a busy time of year."
Rachelle Kelly | Larson Gross
"I can turn around client questions much more quickly. What would have previously taken a half hour to an hour or more, takes 15 minutes with Ask Blue J."
Kyle Glickson | Flott & Co.
"I’ve been using Ask Blue J frequently for the last couple of weeks, both for real client questions and to test what it can do. It quickly summarizes case law and drafts client emails within minutes, which saves me a lot of time."
Meaghan Greydanus | Larson Gross
"This is a powerful tool, injecting AI into my research. As a proprietor, I want to sell my tax research in the form of an advisory delivery and Ask Blue J enables me to do that."
Martin Eisenstein | CPA & Attorney-at-law

Your questions, answered.

What sources inform your data?

Ask Blue J answers US federal income tax law questions. Ask Blue J aggregates thousands of data points across authoritative sources such as Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations, Revenue Rulings, Revenue Procedures, PLRs, Technical Advice Memorandums, Notices, FSAs, CCAs, Actions on Decisions, case law and more.

What data privacy protections do you employ?

We take data privacy and security seriously. We are SOC 2, Type II certified, one of the world's highest recognized standards of information security regulation. Using OpenAI's enterprise API also has strict agreements to protect your data. We also ensure anonymity through our API, and access to your data is limited to instances where you explicitly opt-in for data sharing or choose to provide feedback, which directly helps us improve Ask Blue J. For more information, go to

How robust is Ask Blue J against hallucinations?

We've carefully trained Ask Blue J to minimize inaccuracies, often called 'hallucinations' in AI. Ask Blue J is configured to draw information primarily from trusted and thoroughly vetted sources. We meticulously curate and clean this data, and the large language model is instructed to consider only this pre-validated information after surfacing the most relevant documents. This approach reduces the chances of Ask Blue J providing inaccurate answers, ensuring you get well-grounded and reliable responses.

Does Ask Blue J provide a reference to its sources?

We take great care to ensure transparency in our process by displaying a comprehensive list of the sources used to generate the answer. Additionally, we provide links to the source, highlight the passages referenced and provide details such as citation reference, release date, published date and jurisdiction. This way, you can easily verify the information and be confident in the answer.

How often is the data updated?

Ask Blue J’s federal tax data is updated regularly with each update undergoing curation by the legal research team to ensure the highest quality of information is available.

What is your commercial model?

We employ a subscription model based on a tiered pricing structure according to the number of users with no setup fees or hidden fees. Contact sales for a personalized demo and quote.