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Ask Blue J leverages the latest large language models and a vast and authoritative tax database to answer tax questions.

Maximize your speed and accuracy


Ask Blue J is trained on our vast tax content library to deliver accurate answers in seconds and is highly tuned specifically to not make up answers.


Answers are supported by the most relevant sources so that you can be confident in your research.


Get a head start on your work and produce legal memos and drafts more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ask Blue J work?

Ask Blue J leverages the latest large language models and our vast tax database to deliver industry leading quality answers to challenging tax questions in seconds using generative AI algorithms. Answers are backed by relevant source documents empowering tax and legal professionals to perform exceptional analysis faster than ever.

Who is Ask Blue J for?

Ask Blue J is built for tax and legal professionals. We work with the world’s leading professional services firms.

What jurisdictions are covered?

Currently, Ask Blue J answers questions to Federal US Tax law questions. More jurisdictions will be covered shortly!

What data is Ask Blue J trained on?

Ask Blue J is predominantly trained on authoritative primary resources to ensure the accuracy and quality of the answers we provide.

How recent is the data?

Blue J’s federal tax data is recent to today, and is updated daily.

How do I get started?

Request a demo today and our team will contact you to get you started!