Case Study: Sunshine Tax Relief

Sunshine Tax Relief is a full-service Tax Problem Resolution firm based in Florida, serving clients both nationwide and worldwide. The firm offers a variety of tax services for clients, including tax preparation and bookkeeping, tax controversy representation, cryptocurrency tax reporting, and tax planning services.

“Ask Blue J has saved us so much time and work already! I had a client with a very unique tax situation, and I struggled to find any authoritative sources to support our position. With Ask Blue J, I was able to find multiple authoritative sources in less than a minute. It would have taken hours and hours to find this using traditional tools, and there's no guarantee that the sources would have been available through those traditional methods. My client is thrilled with the $37,000+ in tax savings we were able to find with just a single use of Ask Blue J!”

Gisele Dunn, Enrolled Agent | Sunshine Tax Relief


Sunshine Tax Relief has to prioritize capitalizing on all available business opportunities, delivering timely and accurate advice to clients, and building the firm’s client base and employee roster. In many cases, existing research methods were extremely time-intensive, causing client deliverables to be delayed in order to properly investigate the requests. These extended backlogs took the firm’s focus away from developing relationships with prospective clients, advertising and marketing, and implementing new client service offerings.


Gisele’s goal was to reduce the time spent on research-intensive tasks while accessing a wide range of authoritative sources—all without negatively affecting client relationships, marketing targets, and service offerings.

Solutions Achieved:


Upon implementing Ask Blue J, Sunshine Tax Relief immediately reduced research tasks from hours to minutes, enabling swifter client deliverables and freeing up many hours to focus on other key business tasks, like marketing and business development.

The following solutions were achieved in the very first day of using Ask Blue J:

✅ Quick, reliable answers

✅ Authoritative and relevant sourced materials

✅  Highlighted pertinent passages

New Service Offerings

Ask Blue J has provided Sunshine Tax Relief with an avenue to develop additional service offerings. The firm is in the process of implementing a “Fast Response Q&A” service that will deliver accurate and understandable tax insights in near real-time. For new clients, it’s a reliable way to get a feel for the degree of service they can expect if they choose to retain Sunshine Tax Relief; for existing clients, it’s an effective way to ask quick questions and get a sense of whether the issue will require a more extensive services treatment by the firm.

This service will be developed to achieve the following outcomes:

✅ Receive answers to clients’ tax questions in seconds

✅ Effortless formatting capabilities to tailor responses for specific media (e.g. email)

✅ Ability to copy to a clipboard or email for smooth transitions

Sunshine Tax Relief has found that Ask Blue J greatly increases the chance of surfacing relevant and niche sources compared to traditional methods. As a result, the firm is able to deliver timely advice backed by relevant source material, which wouldn’t always be returned in a traditional search.

Sunshine Tax Relief quickly discovered that Ask Blue J provided the following benefits:

✅ Vast tax database sourced for each answer

✅ Additional relevant materials provided in an understandable format

✅ The most advanced technology available to unearth a wealth of materials


Sunshine Tax Relief is leveraging Ask Blue J to answer client questions quickly and accurately, incorporating correct and authoritative source material to support the client’s position—all in just a small fraction of the time the firm previously expended with traditional processes. Ask Blue J has allowed the firm to access new ways to make tax advice rapidly available to clients. Further, it has provided the firm with the opportunity to begin the development of a new question-and-answer service offering, providing an incredibly helpful avenue for clients to seek immediate tax advice.

Using Ask Blue J, Sunshine Tax Relief has slashed research time from hours to minutes, freeing up valuable time for nurturing and developing client relationships.

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