Kerkering, Barberio embraces AI- powered technology with Blue J partnership

Kerkering , Barberio and Blue J are excited to announce their partnership to streamline diagram creation and leverage artificial intelligence for tax research and analysis.

Blue J is the leading provider of innovative AI-powered tax research and intelligent diagramming solutions and Kerkering, Barberio adds to a growing list of clients in the United States. The firm now combines its extensive roster of professional expertise with Blue J’s cutting-edge technology to provide its high-standard business solutions.

Rob Lane, Managing Shareholder at Kerkering , Barberio, on the Blue J partnership:

“As a firm that’s dedicated to innovation and excellence, we are always seeking smarter ways of running our practice. The addition of Blue J is an important step forward as we strive to find identify strategic and efficient means of performing research and creating polished diagrams. By adding Blue J to our technology suite, we will continue to deliver exceptional value to our clients and help them navigate the ever-changing landscape of tax.”

Mat Armstrong, Director of Customer Success at Blue J shares his perspective:

“Kerkering, Barberio is truly committed to finding legal technology that is efficient and best-suited to the needs of its clients. The addition of Blue J’s tax and diagramming solution will bolster the firm’s ability to generate successful outcomes for its clients and make complex tax concepts all the more accessible. I’m enthusiastic about our partnership and how we can assist the firm’s trailblazing, inventive, and client-focused approach.”

Learn more about this partnership at:

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