Tax Notes news and commentary has arrived in Ask Blue J!

Ask Blue J - generative AI for tax experts:

Launched in the spring of 2023, Ask Blue J is a groundbreaking, generative AI platform for tax experts. It leverages an extensive database of tax content and large language models to generate answers to tax questions in seconds. Using Ask Blue J’s conversational capabilities, tax research can then be turned into a draft client email or memo with a simple prompt, supercharging your efficiency.

Tax Notes News & Commentary:

Tax Notes news & commentary is written by Tax Analysts’ global network of tax writers, the largest in the industry. The Tax Analysts network is comprised of top-tier practitioners, scholars, and government officials with decades of tax experience who provide a current and complete view of the ever-shifting tax landscape.

Integrating Tax Notes News & Commentary into Ask Blue J:

The expansion of Ask Blue J’s content with Tax Notes’ news and commentary enhances the ability of Ask Blue J to provide comprehensive answers to tax research questions supported by news analysis and stories, as well as Practice Articles, Special Reports, Viewpoints and much, much more from Tax Notes’ unmatched experts and tax-dedicated correspondent staff.

Curated by Blue J’s legal research team, Tax Notes’ news and commentary is brought into Ask Blue J every day, bringing the latest in-depth interpretations into the Ask Blue J algorithm alongside the primary source materials, further strengthening the answers Ask Blue J generates. With the integration of Tax Analysts' independent tax news and commentary into Ask Blue J's platform, tax experts can expect unrivaled access to primary sources and related materials for tax-related content. 

The inclusion of this content in Ask Blue J brings to fruition an unprecedented product that combines news, analysis, and commentary with the industry’s most advanced generative AI technology to transform how tax professionals work across North America. 

How does Ask Blue J use Tax Notes content? 

Ask Blue J reads the full text of relevant Tax Notes news and commentary in order to generate answers, if the document is relevant to the question. The source is available to read in Tax Notes with a Tax Notes subscription. Answers leveraging the Tax Notes content are always available in Ask Blue J. 

How does this benefit tax experts using Ask Blue J?  

Ask Blue J now provides more comprehensive answers to questions that aren't easily answered by primary sources alone. The incorporation of Tax Notes commentary into Ask Blue J makes it easier than ever to stay on top of changing tax law, just by asking.

About Tax Analysts

Tax Analysts is the nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that publishes the Tax Notes portfolio of products, the leading multimedia source of breaking news, in-depth analysis, and insightful commentary on tax administration and policy. Founded in 1970, Tax Analysts has the industry’s largest tax-dedicated correspondent staff, with more than 250 domestic and international correspondents. Tax Analysts provides essential tax news and analysis daily for more than 150,000 tax professionals in law and accounting firms, corporations, government agencies, and academic institutions worldwide. Key products include Tax Notes Federal, Tax Notes State, Tax Notes International, Tax Notes Research, and Worldwide Tax Treaties.

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