Elevate Your Tax Research with Case Law on Ask Blue J

Ask Blue J hit another impressive milestone today — we are thrilled to announce the release of v14 of Ask Blue J, and a significant enhancement to Ask Blue J’s content sources. Beyond the existing foundation of primary source material and expert commentary currently powering its industry-leading responses, Ask Blue J is expanding by incorporating new case law content curated by our team of tax experts. This integration ensures Ask Blue J delivers unparalleled speed, quality and depth in your tax research.

What's New: Expanding Case Law in Ask Blue J

Ask Blue J now includes a comprehensive set of curated case law and federal tax cases to expand the scope of responses delivered by our generative AI solution. These additions improve the algorithm's ability to provide detailed and authoritative answers.

Increased Value for Ask Blue J’s Customers:

  • Deeper Analysis: You can access nuanced tax research that uncovers the legal precedents behind your advice.
  • Broader Scope: Rely on Ask Blue J’s expanded capabilities to deliver confident answers in areas primarily settled through legal rulings.
  • Comprehensive Answers: Generate verifiable responses across a wider array of topics to expand your client advisory services.
  • Unprecedented Speed: Following the GPT-4o release, v14 of Ask Blue J is now twice as fast, enabling increased speed and efficiency into your workflows.

How customers are already leveraging case law content:

  • Comprehensive Research: Verify that all relevant precedents are considered to solidify your tax research.
  • Expedited Drafting: Transform your research into well-founded drafts in no time, enriched with detailed case analysis.
  • Summarization: Distill relevant cases into succinct summaries, enhancing your understanding and decision-making.

With the integration of case law, Ask Blue J further solidifies its position as the leading generative AI solution for tax, offering detailed analysis and understanding in tax research. Whether it's deciphering complex legal precedents or providing accurate and timely advice, Ask Blue J helps you tackle complex tax questions with confidence.

Access our new case law content today.

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