Blue J's VP of Product and CX wins 2023 Best Executive Award

At Blue J, we are proud to have an exceptional team of leaders driving our success. Among them, one stands out for his unique blend of empathy, innovation, and customer-focused leadership: Adam Haines. We are thrilled to announce that Adam, VP of Product & Customer Experience, has been awarded a prestigious 2023 Report on Business Best Executive Award.

The Report on Business magazine Best Executive Awards is an annual editorial initiative which celebrates excellence among leaders at the SVP, EVP and C-suite (or equivalent) levels. The winners chosen for 2023 represent exceptional leadership in five functional areas: Finance; Human Resources; Operations; Sales and Marketing; and Technology.

Adam joined Blue J in 2019 and has since made a transformative impact on the company. His empathetic approach to understanding and addressing customer frustrations has consistently driven improvements in user experience. As a result, Blue J's UX scores now rival those of tech giants like Amazon and Netflix.

The key to Adam's success lies in his ability to balance imaginative problem-solving with an authentic concern for customers. Instead of adhering to established norms, he continually questions and adapts strategies to deliver the most effective solutions to clients' challenges.

As a senior executive, Adam's leadership style has positively influenced Blue J from the top down. By fostering a culture of trust and experimentation, he encourages team members to take risks and learn from their experiences. He demonstrates a keen sense of knowing when to let his team members learn from their mistakes and when to provide guidance through critical decisions, contributing to significant organizational growth and development.

Adam Haines, VP of Product & Customer Experience

What really makes Blue J exceptional is the remarkable leadership we have at all levels of the organization, and the trust we put in each other. The success we have together is the result of a lot of hard work from everyone, staying focused on our customers, and executing on our mission to bring absolute clarity to the law. It’s a complete team effort, and I am continually learning from my colleagues. I am honoured to receive this recognition, and truly grateful to all of the great people at Blue J that I get to work with every day, that push me to improve and elevate my own work.

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Initiated in 2020, the Report on Business magazine Best Executive Awards celebrate outstanding leaders from Canadian public and private businesses, not-for-profits, institutions, and academic establishments. The 2023 winners were chosen based on nominations evaluated by the Report on Business editorial team, considering factors such as career background, leadership style, achievements, and impact.

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