General Purpose vs Purpose-Built LLMs: How Do They Differ?

Generative AI is a broad category of artificial intelligence that uses deep learning techniques and large data sets to understand, summarize and generate new content. Since the release of ChatGPT in late 2022, which utilizes Natural Language Processing known as Large Language Models (LLMs), the adoption rate of generative AI tools across various industries has been exponential.

While some technologies may utilize the same LLM, their differences lie in their purpose and applications. For example, a general-purpose chatbot like ChatGPT and a purpose-built tax research platform like Ask Blue J may both use Open AI’s GPT-4, but each platform's unique features and benefits cater to their specific use cases. The following chart compares these two platforms, pointing out their key differences and highlighting the unique features and benefits of a purpose-built platform.

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When choosing a generative AI tool, it's essential to consider your requirements as well as the capabilities and intended purpose of the model. While a general-purpose solution is designed to be versatile and broad in its application, a purpose-built platform is built to accomplish specific tasks. Understanding the key differences and the unique features and benefits of general-purpose vs purpose-built platforms is essential to understanding which solution is best for you. 

Ask Blue J is built on an authoritative US tax law database and harnesses the large language model capabilities of Open AI’s GPT-4. Interested in understanding how Ask Blue J can help your team be more efficient and productive? Just Ask.

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