BMSS Partners with Blue J to Leverage Intelligent Diagramming and AI-Driven Tax Research

BMSS and Blue J are announcing their partnership to enhance BMSS’s client deliverables in diagramming and tax research with the help of cutting-edge AI and intelligent diagramming technology.

Blue J is the leading provider of intelligent diagramming and AI-powered tax research tools in North America and BMSS adds to a growing list of customers in Alabama and the United States. The tool will enable BMSS’s tax team to create client-ready diagrams in a fraction of the time it takes with other tools and use AI to predict tax scenario outcomes with 90%+ accuracy, dramatically reducing the time spent searching for and analyzing tax legislation and case law.

Mark Underhill, BMSS, on the Blue J partnership:

“Before using Blue J, we didn’t really have a great tool for diagramming. We’d use PowerPoint or Excel, which are great tools for many things, but diagramming is difficult to do quickly and also have the result look excellent for the client. We’re looking forward to using Blue J as it solves for both issues – diagrams look great and are quick to put together, which will optimize our time to best serve our clients.

BMSS Announcement Mark Underhill Quote

We’re also working with Blue J to explore how to bring further AI-enabled expertise to bear on our client situations. One of the things we’re excited about is the ability Blue J has to provide a template and some guardrails for how to approach a situation. We expect that this more tailored approach will provide helpful guidance for more junior practitioners and allow more senior practitioners to save time on their work, again freeing up time to focus on other important elements of the client engagement.”

Mat Armstrong, Director of Customer Success at Blue J shares his perspective on the partnership:

“What I admire in our conversations with Mark and others at BMSS is the firm’s dedication to accessing the best tools to serve their clients best. In so doing, they enable their practitioners to focus their efforts on delivering readily-accessible and tailored results to their clients. When I see firms take this approach to employee enablement and client satisfaction, it’s a signal that the firm is on a very successful track. I’m looking forward to our partnership with BMSS and helping the firm achieve its goals.”

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