Blue J Folios: Get a Head Start on Structure Charts and Tax Research

Instead of investing countless hours on research and material-gathering, get a significant head start with Blue J Folios. It’s the only platform where you’ll find pre-built structure charts, along with the relevant statutes, regulations, and cases, gathered in one place ready for your analysis.

What are Blue J Folios?

Blue J Folios are a collection of pre-built structure charts, alongside the relevant statutes, regulations, and cases. Our tax experts created vetted structure charts illustrating major topics, and their associated statute, regulation, case, or tax guidance. They have also annotated the relevant statutes, regulations, cases, and guidance from the IRS, all providing you with a substantial head start on your work.

You don’t need to create diagrams from scratch, or hunt down relevant revenue rulings. You also don’t need to switch between different texts or browser tabs, trying to keep track of how different elements work together. Instead, you find everything you need on a range of topics, in one place.

For a quick overview, check out this demo with Mat Armstrong, Director of Customer Success at Blue J. You can also continue reading to learn more about the individual features and what makes Blue J Folios so powerful!

3 Reasons You’ll Love Using Blue J Folios

300+ Detailed Diagrams to Reference and Customize

A key feature of Blue J Folios is the number of diagram examples you will find – over 300, with more added every month. These diagrams can be used as references for new practitioners to guide their work, or for even the most seasoned practitioners to save time with the ability to quickly customize them. As editable templates, these diagrams are the fastest way to get your next diagram completed, with much of the work already done for you.

Each diagram can also be shared with colleagues for reviews or revisions, allowing you to work collaboratively without emailing versions back and forth.

Along with standard sets of diagrams for simple-to-complex transactions, mergers and acquisitions, trust and estate plans, and more, you will find pertinent Revenue Ruling diagrams as well as PLRs and Treasury Regulations in your Blue J Folios.

A Simple, Accessible Learning Resource

Blue J Folios are excellent teaching tools for new team members, or for experienced practitioners getting up to speed on new areas of law. Individual Folios can be personalized with your commentary and findings, and then shared with team members to reference, review, revise, and also learn from.

Whether you’re working on complex Type C Reorganizations, estate plans, or analyzing tax implications for cryptocurrency transactions, there are Blue J Folios ready for you to dive into.

Written in Collaboration with Industry Experts

Blue J produces Folios in collaboration with leading industry experts across the United States. Led by our Blue J Tax Director, Ben Willis, select Folios have been prepared with significant input from recognized experts in corporate planning, tax planning, transactions and other areas.

Getting Started with Blue J Folios

1. Once signed into your Blue J Tax account, scroll down to the Blue J Folios section at the bottom of your homepage. From here you’ll be able to see recently added Folios or browse the entire library of existing Folios to get started with your research. If you’re on a diagramming-only license, you’ll need to upgrade to our Tax product to access Folios.

2. To search for a Folio on a specific topic, use relevant key terms to pull up related Folios. Once you see your desired Folio in the results, select Preview for a brief description. Then click the button to create a new Workspace with your selected Folio.

3. Each Blue J Folio provides an overview of everything that it includes, such as cutting edge diagrams, statutes, regulations, cases, and IRS guidance. These overviews include explanations for key terms and factors that can impact corporate planning.

4. Once you’re in the Folio Workspace, to the right you’ll find the diagram examples relevant to the Folio topic; statute sections and regulations, both pre-annotated by our researchers to guide your analysis; as well as cases, and IRS documents. You will also find links to relevant resources that complement this Blue J Folio – such as tools and other Blue J Folios that you can open and use right away.

5. When viewing a diagram, you can easily make a copy and edit it for your clients’ purposes. You can also download and save it as is for future reference.

Blue J Folios Duplicate Diagram Option Product Screenshot

6. When viewing a statute or regulation, you can highlight and leave your own comments on sections of interest, or hide ones that don’t pertain to your particular scenario. You can also create a new Page, our word processing tool, to gather valuable research results or map out your own analysis.

Share Blue J Folio Items Product Screenshot

7. Share your Folio workspace with designated colleagues to collaborate with you. From here they can make revisions, leave behind notes, add materials and more to leave you with a full and complete analysis.

Want to learn about the topics our Blue J Folios cover and how you can leverage them at your firm? Let’s talk!

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