Blue J Expands Tax Coverage, Adds Over Half Million Primary Sources

Blue J, a leader in A.I.-powered predictive analytics tax research, has expanded its coverage with the addition of over half a million new primary sources, licensed from Tax Analysts, including IRS revenue rulings, private letter rulings, proposed regulations, court opinions, and more. This combined database will provide tax practitioners with an even more efficient and comprehensive research platform, helping them to accurately predict the most likely outcomes in client scenarios with confidence and optimize for the best possible results. The addition of these federal tax resources further solidifies Blue J's position as a go-to resource for tax professionals seeking reliable and up-to-date information.

"We are excited to announce the expansion of our tax coverage with the addition of over half a million new primary sources from Tax Analysts," said Benjamin Alarie, CEO of Blue J. "These resources will complement our leading A.I.-powered predictive analytics platform, empowering tax practitioners to conduct thorough research more efficiently and accurately predict outcomes in client scenarios with confidence. We are proud to offer such a comprehensive and innovative tool to the tax community."

Blue J’s Predictive Analytics

With Blue J's A.I.-powered predictive analytics platform, tax professionals can predict the most likely outcomes for their clients with confidence and make informed decisions that align with their specific fact-patterns. But it doesn't stop there. This innovative tool also allows users to adjust individual factors and see how they impact the predicted outcome, giving them a deeper understanding of how to optimize for the best results. Blue J is revolutionizing the way tax professionals approach research and decision-making.

Tax Analysts

Tax Analysts' mission is to shed light on tax policy and administration through aggressive, unbiased reporting and informed commentary from the leaders in the field. Tax Analysts is a non-partisan, non-profit publisher of news and commentary about federal, state, and international tax issues under the brand Tax Notes. To learn more, visit

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