Blue J Announces Strategic Partnership with Husch Blackwell: Empowering Tax Law Efficiency and Accessibility

Blue J is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Husch Blackwell, a leading law firm renowned for its sophisticated tax counseling services to multinational and domestic companies, owners, executives, and estates. This collaboration will harness Blue J's cutting-edge technology to help Husch Blackwell navigate the ever-evolving tax law landscape, empowering their tax practice to focus on strategic and high-value tasks.

Robert M. Romashko, Partner at Husch Blackwell, shares his thoughts on the Blue J solution:

“We are always looking for tools to help us better and more efficiently serve our clients. By adding Blue J to our technology suite, we are able to better prepare clear and polished diagrams, and better guide and structure our tax research.”

Mat Armstrong, Director of Customer Success at Blue J shares his perspective:

“The Partners at Husch Blackwell are truly committed to leveraging legal technology that is efficient and best-suited to the needs of their clients. The addition of Blue J’s tax and diagramming solutions bolster the firm and its attorneys’ ability to generate successful outcomes for their clients and make complex tax law concepts all the more accessible. I’m enthusiastic about our partnership and how we can assist the firm’s trailblazing, inventive, and client-focused approach.”

Learn more about this partnership at:

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