A Guide to Common Corporate Diagram Shapes and Conventions (Infographic)

With corporate structure charts, lawyers and accountants are able to solve unique problems for clients and also communicate them clearly. While many firms, and even individual practitioners within firms, may have their own approaches to diagramming, there are many accepted conventions that everyone should be familiar with.

This infographic guide serves as a reference to the common corporate diagram shapes and conventions that exist, and when they would be used. Save the infographic as a PDF to reference or use as training material for new team members.  

These common shapes are available in the Blue J Diagrams platform. Users can select them in the editor, and apply labels and other attributes to customize them with a click. By reducing manual steps, Blue J Diagrams is easily the fastest diagramming solution available today for lawyers and accountants.

2022 Guide to Common Corporate Diagram Shapes Infographic

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