Seven Must-Read Articles on How Artificial Intelligence is Shaking Up the Legal Practice

For firms that are thinking about adopting AI

AI technology can enhance a practice

This article challenges the perception that artificial intelligence will take away lawyers’ jobs, instead highlighting how implementing AI can improve their practice of law both in servicing clients and running their business operations. As Blue J Legal’s CEO, Benjamin Alarie, notes, these tools “make easy to manage your practice and get out of the business of laborious time tracking.”“Lawyers are not going anywhere,” adds Isi Caulder, partner at Bereskin & Parr LLP. “They are still going to be needed to assist clients. We might need a different type of lawyer though, who can integrate AI tools skilfully.”Law firms’ fightback: financial servicesRead about law firms that are leveraging legal technology to make big changes within their practice, and what areas, such as regulatory compliance, leaders are predicting will increasingly be utilizing financial technology.In-house lawyers expect artificial intelligence to cut firms' billsThis short and sweet read from The Law Society Gazette, a weekly British legal magazine, condenses some of the findings from the LexisNexis Legal Technology: Looking past the hype report. Notably, a significant portion of in-house counsel expect that firms will be employing new technologies to lower fees, drive faster turnaround times, and generate higher quality work.

For firms that have already adopted AI

From hype to productivityKate Simpson, the national director of knowledge management at Bennett Jones LLP, talks about “the hype cycle” and how technologies move from concepts to mainstream adoption. Simpson writes that “we have finally peaked with artificial intelligence, blockchain and machine learning” and are starting to “[be] more focused on the hard and unsexy work that people are undertaking to understand the practical applications.”How Bridging The Gap Between Legal Operations And Technology Entities Is Benefiting The Legal Industry There’s more to adopting new technologies like artificial intelligence than just bringing a product in: here’s how law firms and others are actually integrating technologies into their business models.The ethics of law techAs more firms begin to adopt products that utilize artificial intelligence, the conversation about ethical use of legal technologies remains as relevant as ever. Richard Burnham, co-author of How to Be an Ethical Solicitor, writes about how legal technologies, as they are now, are being used a “an enhancement” to a lawyer’s legal advice and how lawyers are best served by these tools when used in that fashion.What’s Artificial About Ethical AI In The Legal Industry? Everything.“People, not technology, have the answers,” reads this piece on how the ethical use of artificial intelligence is going to impact the legal industry, and how lawyers could actually be on the forefront of building these ethical programs.

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