Blue J Delivers Most Advanced AI Solution for Tax Experts Leveraging GPT-4o

May 16, 2024

Today, Blue J is thrilled to announce that we have integrated the newly unveiled GPT-4o into version 12.5 of the Ask Blue J algorithm, maintaining our market-leading status as the pinnacle of generative AI technology solutions in the tax research domain for accountants and tax lawyers.

Announced on Monday by OpenAI, GPT-4o represents the latest frontier in AI development, and Blue J has already harnessed its capabilities to ensure our customers have immediate access to the most advanced and efficient technology available. This rapid integration underscores Blue J’s commitment to innovation and our ability to implement the latest technologies at speed.

“This is truly a testament to the years of AI implementation experience, robust testing practices, and industry-leading AI capability that we have at Blue J, allowing us to deliver this pace of innovation in a safe, controlled manner that benefits our users faster than any other solution in the market,” stated Brett Janssen, Chief Technology Officer of Blue J. “We can't wait to see what our users think of both this latest version of Ask Blue J, and other exciting announcements we have coming in the near future.”

Leveraging the power of GPT-4o, Ask Blue J now delivers an even higher standard for the quality and comprehensiveness of its answers, while still providing relevant sources, and the quickest response generation time available. At Blue J, we pride ourselves not only on staying ahead of the curve, but also on the speed and agility with which we bring these advancements to our clients. Our robust process for testing and launching algorithm updates allows us to quickly adapt and evolve, providing tools that are not only cutting-edge but also trusted and reliable. The enhanced strength and speed of the new GPT-4o algorithm means that our solution is now more powerful than ever. 

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Laura Sweet | VP, Marketing at Blue J

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