Four ways to reevaluate your tax research process

Tax research and analysis can be complicated. Sifting through hundreds of irrelevant cases is time-consuming and monotonous, and there’s still the very real risk that you’ll miss the relevant material you’re looking for. Now that legal technology has brought solutions to the market designed to streamline the research process, what’s the Blue J difference?

Blue J combines the power of AI with expert knowledge from leading tax lawyers. The result? Solutions that increase productivity, help you craft more effective positions, and give your clients the best tax advice possible. Here are four critical ways that Blue J helps tax and legal professionals reduce their research time and find more relevant cases.

  • Visualize relationships for different tax entities and create a clean-cut analysis for your clients with Blue J Diagramming. Purpose built for tax practitioners, Diagramming offers so much more than PowerPoint or any other stand-alone drawing tool. Using an intuitive UX-design, you can quickly drop common entity types onto a blank canvas, map the relationships between them, and capture key data related to the entities and their relationships. The result? A faster diagramming process that delivers deeper insight into how legislation and regulations interplay with the entities and their structure.
  • By analyzing thousands of cases and identifying the key factors on specific issues, the team at Blue J has created a factor-based Case Finder that removes the need to run endless keyword searches and instead lets you filter your case search in seconds. With factors, you can use filters to quickly find the most relevant decisions that align with your client’s situation. Blue J’s factor-based case finder also lets you instantly identify authorities that support or challenge your position, and you can strengthen your position by testing different tax scenarios and assess their impact on the outcome of your client’s situation. Blue J gives you a detailed summary of your research with supporting authority and a custom explanation of the predicted outcome
  • With Blue J’s proprietary AI Prediction Engine, you can input the key factors of your client’s situation and predict the outcome with 90% accuracy, based only on the most relevant decisions. The AI prediction engine also lets you isolate the distinct factors that could affect the outcome of your client’s tax situation, helping you give your clients more effective counsel.
  • Reduce your dependence on hard copies of the ITA with Blue J’s Statute Analysis solution. Whether you need to flip between sections quickly, or hide sections that aren’t relevant to your current case, Statute Analysis is the most seamless way to analyze the ITA and IRC. Functionality includes the ability to annotate and highlight your findings and export and share your analysis in a clean .PDF format. And with templated workspaces, based on Blue J’s collections of relevant sections, regulations and cases on key topics, you’ll reduce the time and effort needed to analyze tax statutes and regulations. Blue J even gives you a detailed summary of your research with supporting authority and a custom explanation of the predicted outcome.

Stop wasting time sifting through irrelevant cases and risking your client’s reputation. Better analysis starts now with Blue J.

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