Blue J CEO Benjamin Alarie Among Top 50 Changemakers | Globe and Mail

Among the 2022 Top 50 Changemakers is Benjamin Alarie, co-founder and CEO of Blue J, and Professor & Osler Chair in Business Law at the University of Toronto.

As a law professor, Alarie was intrigued by the computational power of machine learning and how it could impact the practice of law.

Driven by that fascination, he and two other like-minded colleagues founded Blue J in 2015. Blue J is a predictive software focused on tax law. Powered by machine-learning algorithms, the software makes predictions on complex tax cases with over 90% accuracy.

Blue J provides tax practitioners with unprecedented clarity into the law, and reveals the key factors that drive decisions on different tax issues. Alarie’s mission is to bring absolute clarity to the law, everywhere and on demand.

While some of the largest accounting firms and law firms are using the software, Alarie ensures that legal aid and pro bono organizations also have access to the platform for low-income clientele.

To read more about how Benjamin Alarie is transforming the business of law, and the other 2022 Changemakers, check out the complete article below.

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