Welch LLP uses advanced tools to deliver superior client service

Case Study

We recently sat down and spoke with Zoran Vranjkovic, Tax Director at Welch LLP and a Blue J Tax client. With Blue J Tax, Zoran and his associates are able to provide a higher quality of customer service in an efficient and sustainable way.

Blue J Tax has helped them to:

  • Find key insights faster than ever with the Decision Finder by using factors instead of keywords
  • Validate research and build stronger cases using the AI-powered Prediction Engine to test scenario outcomes
  • Hone their competitive edge by meeting client expectations under tight deadlines

Learn how Zoran and his team have leveraged Blue J Tax and why.

Clients may have certain assumptions going into an issue, and Blue J’s reporting capability has helped provide objective, data-driven support for the position we are taking and our response to the client.” – Zoran Vranjkovic, Tax Director, Welch LLP
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