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August 25, 2022

Michigan-based accounting firm Clayton & McKervey had a strong desire to use technology to better serve its clients. Sarah Russell, Shareholder, Tax, has found Blue J’s AI-powered tax research platform to be a powerful, indispensable tool for saving time and developing the team’s tax proficiency. Check out their story and learn how.

Blue J Tax has helped them to:

  • Find relevant decisions in minutes, instead of hours cutting down their research time.
  • Sharpen their tax proficiency using the AI-Powered Predictions feature for predictive modeling.
  • Streamline workflows and still build sharper insights, to meet tight deadlines.

Learn how Sarah Russell and her team have leveled up using Blue J Tax.

“At the senior accountant level, that’s where you get into a little bit more of complicated research, and it’s really difficult for those at that level to know what questions they should be asking, and how to frame the research. We’ve found the tools that are available in Blue J have helped them really understand the questions they should be asking on the front end.”

– Sarah Russell, Shareholder, Clayton & McKervey

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