Kaufman & Canoles Collaborates with Blue J to Streamline Complex Diagramming

March 27, 2023

Kaufman & Canoles is excited to announce its collaboration with Blue J, the leading provider of diagramming software for law and accounting firms in the United States. Through this collaboration, the firm's attorneys will be able to create complex diagrams with ease and efficiency, providing clients with high-quality deliverables with faster turnaround times. Blue J's smart diagramming software simplifies the diagramming process for the Kaufman & Canoles team, even for the most intricate diagrams. The team can easily and collaboratively create visually appealing diagrams that can be exported to PDF and PowerPoint for ease of client delivery.

Scott Seymour, Chair of Business Taxation at Kaufman & Canoles, shares his thoughts on the collaboration:

"Our clients demand exceptional work, and leveraging Blue J will enable our team to exceed their expectations. We were impressed with Blue J's ease of use and flexibility in creating complex diagrams, and the high quality of the end product. Our team can now efficiently create diagrams that are both visually appealing and informative, enhancing the overall quality of the work we do for our clients."

Mat Armstrong, Director of Customer Success at Blue J also expresses his excitement about the collaboration:

"Working with Kaufman & Canoles, an impressive firm that prioritizes client satisfaction, is an exciting engagement for us. We recognize the difficulties that arise when creating intricate diagrams without a fit-for-purpose tool and are delighted that our platform can optimize the process. Our objective is to assist Kaufman & Canoles in providing exceptional outcomes for their clients, and we are eager to collaborate towards achieving this objective.”

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