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The Future of Intelligent Diagramming

“As electronic tools became available, we started using Corel Draw initially, because law firms in the 90s were addicted to Word Perfect. That evolved again over time, and we moved into the Office suite of products. Began using PowerPoint 97, and largely stuck with the iterations of PowerPoint for the last 15 years for diagramming, until I got your product. About a year ago, I started using Blue J Diagramming and I’ve been using it ever since.”

- Raymond G. Adlington, Tax Partner

Today’s popular solutions for diagramming today are either not diagramming-specific solutions or designed with tax practitioners’ needs in mind (PowerPoint, for example). However, in the Future of Intelligent Diagramming Webinar, we look at the capabilities of a modern diagramming solution, purpose-built for tax professionals by actual tax professionals. The session is hosted by Blue J’s VP of Product Adam Haines and features tax practitioner, Raymond G. Adlington.

Raymond G. Adlington, Partner at Miller Thomson, has a robust practice with particular focus on corporate tax, commodity tax, and tax dispute resolution on behalf of taxpayers. He acts as counsel to private and public companies on a broad range of tax issues, from effective growth strategies to utilizing different forms (including hybrids) of business organizations to tax-driven reorganizations. Ray also advises on commercial transactions, including tax disclosure in prospectuses and circulars, delivering tax opinions to facilitate capital market transactions and structuring merger and acquisition transactions.Over the decades he has had a strong need for diagramming, but the tools at his disposal were far from perfect. Now, having discovered Blue J Diagramming, Mr. Adlington has found a platform that greatly simplifies the process. In the webinar, he demonstrates how quickly and easily he can create a complex, professional-looking Step-Transaction diagram that he can share with clients and peers, alike in minutes.

Check out the webinar recording with Mr. Adlington below.

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