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Better insights, faster.

Our platform uses AI to help legal and tax experts conduct better research and analysis, 100x faster

Share Tax Diagrams
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Analyze Statutes
Collaborate on tax diagrams

Thorough research has never been so easy

Conduct faster, more thorough research and analysis with our
easy-to-use platform

Predict outcomes with 90%+ accuracy

With Blue J’s proprietary AI prediction engine, input the key factors of your client’s situation and predict the outcome with 90%+ accuracy.

Test and diagnose the predicted outcome by changing the factors of your scenario.

Blue J Tax Prediction Report
Diagram information

Create entity and relationship diagrams effortlessly

Easily create professional, attractive diagrams that your clients will love.

Seamlessly collaborate with colleagues to work faster than ever, and invite them to review and edit your work themselves, remotely.

Seamlessly analyze the statute and regulations

A better starting point for statute analysis.

  • Flip between different sections
  • Hide irrelevant sections
  • Annotate and highlight
  • Export your analysis in a clean and concise PDF for sharing
Blue J Tax Statute Analysis
Blue J Tax Case Finder CA

Find relevant decisions 100x faster

Find the most relevant decisions that align with your client’s situation in minutes – based on factors, not keywords.

With Blue J’s custom filters, you can narrow down the decisions you want to analyze by court, taxpayer and several other filters specific to each tax issue to find cases even more relevant to your situation.

Tax experts

Assess and review the governing statutory language and regulations, and strengthen tax positions with confidence.

Effortlessly experience tax entity and relationship diagramming with our proprietary tool.

Labour & employment experts

Fortify labour & employment positions, gain an advantage in settlement discussions, and identify issues for investigation.

200+ clients rely on Blue J


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Blue J Tax helps streamline our legal research. It is a next generation legal research tool that allows us to fulfill our promise of providing the best service we can.”

Jenna Schwartz Richter
Jenna Schwartz

Results that could require up to 40 hours of research, a junior can come up with in under two minutes.”

Marlene Cepparo Partner-in-Charge, National Tax Centre, KPMG
Marlene Cepparo

Blue J Tax poses the right questions and the analysis it does, seemingly by magic, produces well-articulated results and the key cases you would likely need in order to address the questions you have.”

John Sorenson Gowling WLG
John Sorenson

You still have to do the real work—read the cases and analyze the facts—but as someone without a large team, this is a great resource to start your files.”

Brandon Siegal Siegal Tax Law
Brandon Siegal

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