Ask Blue J enhances user experience through GPT-4 and conversational.

Blue J announces the launch of its most powerful version of Ask Blue J yet. The industry-leading generative AI platform for tax research has improved conversational capabilities and utilizes the newest generation of OpenAI’s large language model, GPT-4. Enhancing the user experience, Ask Blue J can better understand more nuanced and specific user questions, read detailed documentation, identify the relevant section and summarize the solution in one place within seconds. 

A highly anticipated feature, tax professionals can more easily conduct their research in a natural conversational style. Using the intuitive chat interface, they can work with Ask Blue J as if talking with a tax research assistant. It’s as simple as starting a conversation by prompting Ask Blue J with a tax research question, to which they will receive a high-quality, verifiable answer in seconds. They can then go deeper into that topic with follow-up research questions to expand the scope or prompt Ask Blue J to rewrite the original response as a draft email or memo for more efficient drafting. From there, users can easily copy it out of Ask Blue J into another document to get to a starting point faster than ever. 

Next-level capabilities

Go deeper into research topics with follow-up questions.

Ask Blue J remembers the context of users’ conversation thread so that when they ask a follow-up question to an initial research question, it will remember their earlier prompts.

For example, suppose the response to an original question references Section 1060. In that case, one can ask the follow-up question “Explain 1060” to expand the scope of research and get an answer that builds on their previous conversation.

Ask clarifying questions for more detail.

If the initial response provided by Ask Blue J is a summary and the user wants to go deeper, they can simply Ask Blue J to explain in more detail. 

For example, if the initial question is, “What are the rules for determining the allocation of consideration received in an applicable asset acquisition?”, then a follow-up question might be, “Provide more detail on the rules for allocation of consideration” to get a more detailed response.

Rapidly rewrite an answer into a draft email or memo.

Ask Blue J’s conversational capabilities unlocks rapid drafting capabilities unlike any other research tool. Users can utilize prompts to modify and tweak the output to precisely what they want. For example, a user can prompt Ask Blue J to “Summarize the above as a client email,” and it will modify the response to those instructions. 

These enhancements to Ask Blue J’s already high-quality responses will allow tax professionals to pose natural language queries within the platform, which will return answers by summarizing the relevant parts of the documentation or extracting specific pieces of information faster than ever before. The result is practitioners across the industry moving into the new era of conversational tax research, where they spend less time researching and more time on high-value work and analysis. 

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