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AI Will Transform The Field Of Law

We are already starting to see significant advantages being gleaned by sophisticated parties leveraging machine learning legal prediction technologies, said Blue J Legal CEO Benjamin Alarie.

AI Coming For Tax Planners – The Horror

The robots are coming for the tax planners, but from what I can see, we will probably last longer than the truck drivers. This is my tentative conclusion from poking around with Blue J Legal’s Tax Foresight.

Smoke yet to clear on marijuana and the workplace

One of the issues employers are still grappling with is drug testing for marijuana - even though the legal test to determine when and in what circumstances drug testing is reasonable remains the same, says Bettina Xue Griffin, legal associate ...

Between fear and hype

Automation will shake up jobs the legal sector. It’s also a golden opportunity for firms to update the skills of their legal professionals.

Law in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In the future, self-driving cars may become the norm on roads rather than the subject of promising reports from the tech industry’s leading companies. What first seemed impossible has now progressed into the realm of believability. A similar ...

The Gig Picture: Recent Trends in Worker Classification

An increasing proportion of US workers are receiving their income from gig work with the IRS reporting that at least 11.8% of US workers are now participating in part-time work facilitated by app-based providers like Uber and Grubhub.[1] This ...