Saving 40 Hours on Tax Research Weekly with Automation | Clayton & McKervey

Aug 22, 2022

“At the senior accountant level, that’s where you get into a little bit more of complicated research, and it’s really difficult for those at that level to know what questions they should be asking, and how to frame the research. We’ve found the tools that are available in Blue J have helped them really understand the questions they should be asking on the front end.”

– Sarah Russell, Shareholder, Clayton & McKervey

The majority of accounting firms today struggle with tax research efficiency and proficiency. Tax research is highly complex and traditionally very time consuming. As tax laws continue to change, the layers of complexity only increase. Cutting through the noise and finding the right answers faster is critical to being a leader in the tax space. It’s why Sarah Russell, Shareholder at Clayton & McKervey, turned to Blue J.  

As a point person for tax strategies at Clayton & McKervey, Sarah helps owners and executive teams with R&D tax credits and international tax consulting and compliance. She looks for big-picture solutions to advise clients on global operational structuring, foreign tax credit utilization, tax treaty analysis and more. She works with both domestic companies expanding internationally, and foreign-owned companies. 

With Blue J, Sarah has managed to tap into a tremendous level of efficiency in tax research. Not only does her team work faster, they are able to further develop their tax proficiency by allowing the Blue J platform to guide their critical thinking and understanding of relevant factors on different tax issues. 

Learn about Sarah’s journey using Blue J and the major impact it has had on their competitiveness, quality of service, and bottom line.