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How Blue J Tax Helps Accountants

Our AI-powered tax outcome prediction software empowers you to:
Plan strategically
Plan strategically

Advise clients on the best course of action using insights from past cases.

File with confidence
File with confidence

Assess the accuracy of your characterization and calculate your risk. 

Prepare for audits
Prepare for audits

Ensure your position is sound with an unbiased third-party report.

§ 6662 Accuracy Related Penalty: Reasonable Cause And Good Faith

Can a taxpayer use the reasonable cause and good faith defense to avoid the accuracy-related penalty for an underpayment of tax pursuant to § 6662?

Debt vs. Equity

Is an interest in a corporation debt or equity for federal tax purposes?

CFC and PFIC Rules

Is a corporation a controlled foreign corporation or a passive investment foreign company for the purposes of the Internal Revenue Code?

Economic Substance

Does a transaction have economic substance for tax purposes?

Worker Classification

Is a worker an employee or an independent contractor for tax purposes?

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