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§ 1031 Exchanges

A peek inside the game-changing tool for 1031 professionals

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How Blue J Tax Helps 1031 Professionals

Our AI-powered tax research tool helps you:
Support your position
Facilitate a 1031 exchange

Bolster files with objective, data-backed reports in minutes

Find the decisive cases
Plan strategically

Understand the best course of action using insights from relevant supporting materials

Train juniors quickly
Advise with confidence

Assess the accuracy of your characterization and calculate your risk

Bolster your capabiliites
Prepare for audits

Ensure a 1031 exchange is successful with an unbiased third-party report

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§ 1031 Exchange Calculator

Calculate the amount of the recognized capital gain / loss, deferred capital gain / loss, and basis in replacement property amounts in a given § 1031 exchange scenario.

Blue J determines the above-noted amounts using the following information from the user:

  • the sales price and adjusted basis of the Relinquished Property;

  • the purchase price of the Replacement Property;

  • the amount of cash transferred or received by the taxpayer in the exchange; and

  • the amount of non-cash consideration transferred or received by the taxpayer in the exchange.

§ 1031 Exchange Requirements

This guided analysis determines if a property transaction meets the requirements for tax-deferred treatment pursuant to § 1031.

The module examines:

  • the characteristics of the properties sought to be exchanged;

  • the taxpayer who owns the property to be relinquished and their relationship to the other parties in the transaction;

  • the structure of the transaction and the timing of steps taken to give it effect; and

  • any consideration received for the relinquished property besides the replacement property. 

§ 1031 Exchange: Held for Productive Use or Investment

This functionality will determine if a taxpayer is holding or will hold a property for “productive use in a trade or business or for investment”.

By answering a questionnaire about the facts of your scenario, Blue J will use machine learning to predict the outcome of your situation with over 90% accuracy.

§ 1031 Exchange Database

Blue J’s database allows you to surface and read 1031 exchange cases, revenue rulings and other relevant materials by searching on key factors and the merits of the case. For example, search by characteristics of the properties sought to be exchanged or by characterization, structure, and timing of transaction.


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