How Stetson University Prepares Students for the Future of Tax with Blue J

Aug 31, 2022

“When I think about how valuable this tool would be out in practice, it’s clear. For instance, if I’m making an independent contractor versus employee call for a client, and I don’t do it right, I get sued. I don’t want to waste otherwise billable hours in a lawsuit. The Blue J tool provides an independent, 3rd party assessment that supports my professional judgement.”

– Dr. Valrie Chambers, Associate Professor of Accounting, Stetson University

For students, the most meaningful academic experiences are those applicable to the real world. Dr. Valrie Chambers, Associate Professor of Accounting at Stetson University, approaches teaching with a strong practitioner focus. In doing so, she is constantly on the lookout for the latest technologies that could benefit practitioners and exposes her students to them.

Rather than settle for preparing students for the practice of tax and accounting today, Dr. Stetson prepares her students for the future of tax. That is why she incorporates the use of Blue J Tax into her courses. 

With its AI-powered Predictions, Blue J is able to quantify risk, and guide tax practitioners to building better insights than ever before. More so than a research tool, it enables practitioners to optimize their clients’ tax outcomes and anticipate challenges from the IRS with a clarity that other tools simply do not provide. 

To learn about the different ways Dr. Stetson applies Blue J as a teaching tool in her tax and accounting courses, and the many benefits it brings for her students, read the case study today.