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Intelligent Diagramming & Smarter Tax Research

Cut down unbillable research time and build stronger tax positions.

Blue J is the diagramming and research platform designed for tax professionals. 




Tax Diagram Create Easily
7500+ Users Across North America

PowerPoint Hurting Your Brand?

Create Professional-Looking Diagrams in Minutes

Access the shapes, tools, and relevant data fields to quickly create complex diagrams. Achieve clean, attractive designs that elevate your brand and engage your clients.

Eliminate Research Write Offs

Experience the Most Efficient Tax Research Process

Conduct in-depth tax research and analysis faster than ever with Blue J’s AI. In minutes, anticipate court rulings on your client’s tax scenario, quantify risk, and find all the previous court decisions to support their position, to fortify their tax position.

US Prediction Report Blue J Tax
US Prediction Report Blue J Tax

Stop Struggling with Inconsistent Work Product

Provide starting points for complex diagrams and research to the whole team.

Share Blue J Folios with team members so they can access rich, resource bundles on tax topics. They’ll access annotated statutes, regulations, cases, and guidance from the IRS, as well as pertinent diagrams that can be edited.

Ditch Back-and-Forth Emails

Work collaboratively in Blue J for a clean, clear review process. 

Share any workspace with colleagues to have them review, comment on, and revise your work directly in Blue J. There’s no need to trade emails, lose sight of countless changes, and create more work for yourself. 


Don’t Lose Sleep Over Client Security

Rest assured that Blue J has the high security standards clients expect. 

Blue J implemented the necessary policies and controls to achieve SOC 2 Type 1 compliance, the gold standard of data protection. With the help of Drata, we’re able to continuously monitor our controls and maintain compliance over time.

“This is really created for what we do. Excel org charts and SmartCharts are just not designed for what we’re doing on a day to day basis, from charting entities to transactions, this tool is meant for that. That’s what makes it a really powerful tool.”

- Peter Stratos, Principal, Tax Advisory Services - International, Kaufman Rossin

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