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We are always looking for committed, driven, solutions-focused people to join our team and push our mission forward

Blue J is making work better for everyone!

We are always looking for committed, driven, solutions-focused people to join our team and push our mission forward Evert day, we work towards making work better for our clients and for each other. Join us as we build a future that is happier healthier and more efficient! 

Our Values

We are customer-focused

We constantly put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, delivering outstanding customer value and optimizing the user experience.

We put the team’s interest before self-interest

We are always searching for ways to help our teammates, and we consider how our actions will affect Blue J, not just ourselves.

We are pleasant and playful

We take our work seriously but we do not take ourselves too seriously. Work is far more fun and a lot less like work when it is pleasant and playful.

We are open to better ideas

We listen carefully to colleagues’ points of view. When we receive new information, we incorporate it into our viewpoint, and when an idea is improved upon, we acknowledge it and change course.

We deliver on our promises

If we say we are going to do something, we do it. Our ability to commit to our tasks provides peace of mind across the team.

We solve tough problems

Ignoring a problem isn’t an option. We continually work on solving issues, and we are always testing potential solutions. If one potential solution doesn’t work, we will try another one. We are extremely resourceful and relentless.

Perks & Benefits


Flexible work options (more below!)


Work from home bonus!


Generous paid vacation


Company socials


Robust health benefits


Employee stock options 


Great colleagues 


Lunch ‘n learns


Parental leave


Team building


Summer fridays


Bonus week off in December 

Flexible Work Options


Our headquarters are in Toronto, and all Blue J employees are welcome and encouraged to use our office space. 

Office life not for you? Work remotely if you prefer! 

Like to change things up? Do both and work hybrid! 

We make sure there are two opportunities annually for all team members who are able to to get together to work on big company ideas and socialize in person. We make sure these events are remote-friendly so everyone is included!


Our Recruitment Process

The recruitment processes can vary from department to department, but here is what you can generally expect when interviewing with us.



We’re a growing team, and each new hire has the opportunity to make a BIG impact. We’re continuously looking to learn from diverse perspectives, and encourage everyone who wants to be part of what we’re doing to reach out. 

If you’re interested in Blue J and think you have something to bring to the team, please get in touch with our talent team. We may find that you’re the fit we didn’t know we were looking for!


Blue J Employee Testimonials

“I could not have hoped for a better starting point for my career than here at Blue J. I am challenged, inspired, meaningfully involved and supported in every way. It is very fulfilling to help build such a great product and be part of this diverse and brilliant team.”

– Kathrin Gardhouse

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