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How Our Software Helps Public Bodies

Our AI-powered software helps your organization:
Triage cases
Triage cases

 Determine which situations require more attention while resolving others quickly. 

Maximize consistency
Maximize consistency

Consistently handle cases using the same data-backed insights. 

Standardize training
Standardize training

Train junior professionals on the important factors in characterizing issues. 

Worker Classification

Is a worker an employee or an independent contractor for tax purposes?

Tax on Split Income (TOSI)

Does the tax on split income “TOSI” apply to an item of income for Federal income tax purposes pursuant to s. 120.4 of the ITA?

Developed in collaboration with Moodys Tax.


Is an individual resident in Canada for tax purposes such that his or her worldwide income is taxable in Canada?

Real Estate

Are gains or losses on the sale of real estate treated on account of income or capital?

Carrying on Business

Do the operations of a non-resident enterprise constitute carrying on a business in Canada such that income from that business is taxable in Canada?

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