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Introducing our Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) Navigator

We are excited to introduce our new Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) Navigator, which determines the class of an asset under Schedule II of the Income Tax Regulations.There are 59 different classes of property in the CCA regime. Determining the appropriate class for a particular asset is necessary to establish the applicable depreciation rate and corresponding deductions. The classification process can be complex, requiring consideration of Schedule II of the Income Tax Regulations, sections from the Income Tax Act, CRA Interpretation Bulletins, and applicable case law. Tax Foresight draws together and maps these sources. The CCA Navigator determines the class of an asset with comprehensive explanations and links to relevant resources.

Navigator Features

  • Tax Foresight navigates Schedule II and the relevant case law and guidance to determine the class and subclass of an asset from over 300 possible outcomes.

  • The CCA Navigator is user responsive, so each navigation will be different based on the property under consideration.

  • Tax Foresight uses an algorithm to minimize the number of questions asked of the user. An average navigation will include 10 to 20 questions.

  • Every CCA navigation is supported by a comprehensive explanation and links to relevant resources, including CRA Interpretation Bulletins and case law.

Sample Questions

The CCA Navigator is responsive to the answers a user provides, asking questions based on previous inputs. Below are samples from over 700 possible questions:

  • When was the property acquired?

  • Is the asset a tool?

  • Did the property cost $500 or less?

  • Is the asset tangible property?

  • Is the asset a leasehold interest?

Capital or Current Expenses

If you’re not sure whether CCA deductions apply in your situation, use our Tangible Expenditure Classifier or Intangible Expenditure Classifier. These classifiers determine whether expenditures for business should be treated as currently deductible or on account of capital. Tax Foresight’s business expenditure classifiers take every case into account when providing predictions.Want to have access to the CCA Navigator and our other tools? Tax Foresight covers over 20 different tax law issues and is expanding every month.

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