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Introducing Blue J L&E's Sexual Harassment Case Finder


This week, in addition to our Duty to Accommodate Disabilities Classifier and Case Finder, we also launched our Sexual Harassment Case Finder, the latest addition to Blue J L&E and one of two new Blue J Legal products focused on Canadian human rights law.

We developed our human rights tools in response to customer requests for software that meets the needs of lawyers practicing in this highly specialized area of law. Firms dealing with sexual harassment cases often have high volumes, and determining the appropriate remedy in each situation requires extensive research. Our Sexual Harassment Case Finder helps lawyers grapple with these challenges by providing quick access to hundreds of relevant decisions at both the federal and provincial level.

Case Finders: What Are They?

Blue J Legal's case finders are a generational leap forward from traditional legal research methods. Instead of having to search through books or perform inefficient keyword or Boolean searches, our case finders allow lawyers to locate decisions that match a specific combination of facts. Each factor can also be assigned a weight from "less" to "more relevant," allowing for fine-tuned results. The software returns a list of matching cases accompanied by similarity bars indicating how many of the user's selected factors are present in each case. The case list also includes full-text links to Taxnet Pro and CanLII and can be saved, edited, shared via email, or downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

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Sexual Harassment Case Finder Features

Along with the ability to find cases by outcome, the Sexual Harassment Case Finder can also sort cases by legislation, allowing lawyers to quickly locate the most relevant decisions for their clients' situations. The software can filter cases according to a broad range of Canadian human rights laws, from the federal Canadian Human Rights Act to provincial and territorial human rights codes. It also includes some important non-human rights legislation frequently cited in sexual harassment cases, such as the Canada Labour Code, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Criminal Code, and a number of provincial workplace safety acts.

One of the most useful features of the software is its ability to find cases by specific issues related to sexual harassment. Users can look for decisions that address, for example, the frequency of the impugned conduct, the effect on the work environment, and whether the employer had a sexual harassment policy in place. The tool can also find cases that deal with related issues like breach of contract, wrongful or constructive dismissal, and criminal liability.

Another powerful feature of the Sexual Harassment Case Finder, and one that sets it apart from other legal research tools, is the option to narrow results according to a range of case-specific details like, for instance, the age and gender identity of the complainant, the specific impugned conduct of the harasser, and the investigative response of the employer. Users can also locate cases according to both monetary and non-monetary awards, making it easier than ever for lawyers to determine the right remedies for their clients.

The Sexual Harassment Case Finder is available now in Blue J L&E, along with our Duty to Accommodate Disabilities Classifier and Case Finder and a growing list of other legal research and AI-powered prediction tools. Request a demo today to try it for yourself.

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