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An Employer's Duty to Accommodate Cannabis Use Webinar

According to the most recent statistics from the Canadian Cannabis Survey (CCS), 5% of people who used cannabis in 2018/2019 reported consuming it at least once a week during work or in the morning before, while 12% said they did so at least once a month.

Naturally, employers and employees have a vested interest in how recreational cannabis use is addressed in the workplace. What are each party’s respective obligations? How can recreational and medical cannabis use be navigated in safety-sensitive environments? And what happens if the employee reports an addiction to cannabis, thereby potentially implicating an employer’s duty to accommodate disabilities under human rights law?

Questions abound for employers and employees alike, especially given the relative novelty of legalized recreational use and the insufficiency of current impairment detection methods.

Hosted by Shane Lamond, Research Associate at Blue J Legal and featuring insights from Lisa Stam, founder of SpringLaw, this webinar covers key topics such as:

  • Challenges facing employers in the wake of widespread legalization
  • Navigating potential impacts of employees’ use of medical and recreational cannabis in the workplace
  • Employers’ obligations regarding the duty to accommodate cannabis consumption under human rights law
  • Recent decisions highlighting key considerations for employers and employees
Where there’s smoke_ how employers can navigate employees’ cannabis use


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