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Four ways to reevaluate your tax research process

Blue J places No. 58 on The Globe and Mail’s 2021 ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies with three-year revenue growth of 1022%

Blue J raises $9M in Series B funding, adds key personnel, announces new tax diagramming solution

Two takeaways on determining whether parties are dealing at arm’s length (Damis Properties Inc. v. The Queen)

Constructive Dismissal in the COVID-19 Era

Pregnancy as a Factor in Determining Notice Periods

No plans to extend COVID-relief for corporate residency determinations: CRA

COVID-19 Relief - Highly Affected Sectors Credit Availability Program (HASCAP) Guarantee

Human-centred Artificial Intelligence

Introducing Blue J’s Charter on Algorithmic Responsibility

Three takeaways on assessing reasonable notice during the pandemic

Blue J and Gowling WLG Introduce Innovative Principal Purpose Test Tool

COVID-19 Relief - Ontario Small Business Support Grant

Home office deduction - When is a meeting not a meeting?

Home Office Update

Blue J and Osler Announce New Collaboration

How Simplex Legal Uses Blue J L&E to Turbocharge Its Game-Changing Business Model

Do reasonable notice awards always increase with age? No.

Blue J Correctly Predicts Outcome in Levi Strauss & Co. v. Workers United Canada Council

The Latest Developments in Calculating Reasonable Notice

Introducing new and improved Blue J platforms

How COVID-19 is Impacting Reasonable Notice

Blue J Tax Correctly Predicts Case Outcomes of Cal. Ridge Wind Energy v. United States and Bishop Hill Energy v. United States

Blue J Tax Correctly Predicts the Case Outcome of Wall v. The Queen

How Siegal Tax Law Uses Blue J Tax to Level the Playing Field

Welcome to Blue J en Français!

Blue J Tax Correctly Predicts the Case Outcome of Ahmar v. Canada

Leading Remotely: Insights from the Founder of a Virtual Practice

An Employer's Duty to Accommodate Cannabis Use Webinar

Where There's Smoke: How Employers Can Navigate Employees' Cannabis Use

Predicting Reasonable Notice Using Machine Learning

Changing Workplaces, Changing Classifications: Increasing Relevance of the Dependent Contractor

New Developments in Navigating the Tax on Split Income

Deskside Chat with Dawson Horning of Ahlstrom Wright

An HR Professional's Guide to Navigating the Accommodation of Mental Health Disabilities

Deskside Chat with Samantha Lucifora of Monkhouse Law

Recent Developments in “Treaty Shopping”: GAAR & the Forthcoming MLI

The Future of Wrongful Dismissal: AI in the Practice of Employment Law

Cannabis and Workplace Impairment: One Year on from Legalization

Deskside Chat with Alix Lapkovsky of Richter

Deskside Chat with Jackie Ferreira of Stikeman Elliott

Insights from Associates at the Cutting Edge of Legal Practice

Exploring Artificial Intelligence and the Law

Implications of the Forthcoming MLI on Treaty Shopping Practices

Law in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

ONCA Reaffirms Importance of Presumptive Standards in Reasonable Notice Cases

Using AI to Navigate Mental Health Disability Accommodation

Sole Practitioners and the Rise of Legal Tech: Thoughts from One of Toronto’s Leading Employment Lawyers

Key Factors HR Professionals Need to Know When Determining Severance Packages

Ask AI Podcast: How AI is Impacting the Legal Profession

Worker Classification Webinar

Securities Trading Webinar

Assessment Period Webinar

Permanent Establishment Webinar

Single vs. Multiple Supply Webinar

Determining Reasonable Notice Using AI Webinar

Business vs. Property Webinar

Central Management and Control Webinar

Exempt Financial Services Webinar

Home Office Webinar

Podcast: If you want a job in law, should you be worried about legal AI?

Are Gains or Losses on the Sale of Real Estate Treated on Account of Income or Capital?

Recent Developments in Determining Reasonable Notice Webinar

Year in Review: Blue J's 2018

How can Employers Ensure their Companies Accommodate Employees' Disabilities?

Inside the Legal Tech Investment Boom

Seven Must-read Articles on How Artificial Intelligence is Shaking Up the Legal Practice

Downtown Legal Services and Blue J: Working Towards a More Equitable and Accessible Legal System

How Blue J Keeps Blue J Tax and Blue J L&E Accurate and Up-To-Date

Why it's Important to Correctly Classify Workers in Canada’s Growing Gig Economy

Introducing our new Duty to Accommodate Disabilities Classifier and Case Finder

Introducing Blue J L&E's Sexual Harassment Case Finder

The Lawyer's Catch 22

Introducing the Permanent Establishment Classifier

A Financial Advisory Leader Reveals Why AI is Critical to Innovation

One of Canada's Leading Tax Lawyers Shares His Thoughts on Applying AI to the Law

The Path to the Legal Singularity

Report Reveals Lawyers are Missing Out on Billable Hours. Technology can Help.

How AI is Helping, Not Replacing, Professionals

Top 4 Takeaways from Altman Weil’s Annual Survey

After VisiCalc Revolutionized Accounting in the 70s, AI is the Next Big Breakthrough

How AI is Helping Small and Medium-sized Law Firms Stay Ahead of the Curve

Supercharging the Law: What the Era of Artificial Intelligence Means for Lawyers

From Dusty Tomes to Artificial Intelligence: The History and Future of Legal Research

Introducing Blue J Tax's Interest Deductibility Guided Analysis 

Recent Case Engages Two Blue J Tax Predictors: Real Estate and Gross Negligence

How Does Inducement Affect Notice Owed to a Dismissed Employee?

How Does Employee Health Affect Reasonable Notice Awards?

Birchcliff Returns to the TCC: GAAR Applied Again

Blue J Tax: 2017 in Review

Amendments to Ontario's ESA: Misclassification of Employees Riskier Than Ever for Hirers

What Does "Ordinarily Resident" Mean?

Blue J L&E Accurately Predicts Reasonable Notice

Introducing Blue J L&E

Primers: Your Gateway to the Most Important Legal Considerations

Lawyer of the Future: Master of Statistics

Univar: FCA Overturns TCC's GAAR Finding

Introducing our Taxable Benefits Navigator

Classifiers, Case Finders, and Navigators: What They Are and How to Use Them

Introducing our Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) Navigator

Introducing our New Assessment Period Classifier

When do Gross Negligence Penalties Apply to Non-existent Business Losses?

When is an Intangible Expenditure a Capital Expense?

When is a Non-resident Corporation Carrying on Business in Canada?

Our New Income Tax Act (ITA) Section 85 Navigator

Introducing the New Directors' Liability Classifier

Blue J Tax and Case Finder Create a Big Impact in Legal Research

When are Gains from Trading in Securities Taxable as Business Income?

When is Land Purchase a Current Expense?

Condo Sale: Business Income or Capital Gain?

Are Mortgage Payments Shareholder Benefits?

When is a TFSA not Tax-free?

When is a Worker an Employee for Tax Purposes?

Are Owner-manager Shareholders More Likely to Incur Gross Negligence Penalties?

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