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Confidently manage challenging workplace issues and employee disputes. 

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How Blue J HR Works

Blue J HR quickly and accurately predicts how your employment matter would be decided by a court or tribunal.
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Fill out a brief questionnaire with the facts of your unique employee situation.

Run the analysis
Run the analysis

Platform uses AI to analyze the facts of your situation to make its prediction.


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Review prediction and read a tailored explanation of the result.

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Decide whether to handle the matter internally or refer to external counsel.

Issues covered

Worker Classification

Is a worker an employee or an independent contractor for employment law purposes?

Managerial Exemption to Overtime

Is an employee's work managerial in character for the purpose of the managerial exemption to overtime pay?

Reasonable Notice

What is the reasonable length of notice that a hirer must provide to a worker upon dismissal? 

Duty to Accommodate Disabilities

Has an employer fulfilled the duty to accommodate an employee's disability up to the point of undue hardship?

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Is it reasonable for a hirer to require a worker to undergo drug or alcohol testing?

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