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Introducing Blue J Diagramming

Experience how effortless tax entity and relationship diagramming can be 

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Make your entity and relationship diagramming more efficient and effective

Step 1: Open a new canvas

Create a new diagram from scratch or use a template by our Legal Research Team for typical structures and reorganizations.

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Step 2: Draw

Draw each entity and the relationships between each of them. Use the tailored fields to enter relevant information.

Step 3: Analyze

Once your diagram is completed, you can visualize the full picture to flag the potential tax issues and identify opportunities for tax efficiency.

Step 4: Document and share

Download a PDF report of your diagram showcasing your analysis to keep in your client’s file or to share with your colleagues. Add the diagram to a workspace to complete your analysis of a complex tax issue with a visual representation.  

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How Blue J Diagramming can benefit you

Purpose-built for tax practitioners

Unlike general drawing tools, Blue J Diagramming is built specifically for tax practitioners to use for tax-specific issues.

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More than a drawing tool

Capture data about the entities and the relationships to access further insight into how the legislation and regulations interplay with their structure.

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Easy-to-use interface

Leverage the cutting edge UX-design to seamlessly draw and connect entities and relationships in the cleanest and easiest way possible.

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Are you ready for next level diagramming?

Blue J Diagramming complements Blue J’s existing predictive analysis tools, to help you predict outcomes to your tax questions, based on the merits of your situation.

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