Revolutionizing Tax Research: Blue J's AI-Driven Workspace Recommendations

AI-driven research is here. Blue J's workspace recommendations is a groundbreaking new tool to help find on point content faster than ever before.

With Blue J's recommendations, tax practitioners can save hours of research time with the click of a button. No need to waste hours running inefficient keyword searches, or starting research with untrustworthy tools like Google. Simply start by creating a research workspace in Blue J with source material, then click the AI Recommendations button and check out our suggested statutes, regulations, decisions and IRS documents related to your initial research.

Tax practitioners need the right information, right away. Blue J's recommendations surface on point content for you immediately, without the need to use keyword searches. Blue J's recommendations are designed to complement existing research efforts and provide support to ensure that no important details are overlooked.

Our recommendations engine is a game-changer for tax professionals looking to increase their efficiency, accuracy, and innovative approach to tax planning. By providing relevant statutes, regulations, decisions and documents, Blue J can help firms save time and make more informed decisions. A higher quality of work means happier customers and clients, every time.

With Blue J's commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology, the future of legal research looks brighter than ever. To try out this revolutionary new feature at the forefront of legal research and artificial intelligence, book a demo today.

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