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Four ways to reevaluate your tax research process

Blue J Predicts: Captive Insurance Appeal in Reserve Mechanical Will Likely Fail

Blue J Predicts: Economic Substance Doctrine: Still Giving Perrigo Heartburn?

Blue J raises $9M in Series B funding, adds key personnel, announces new tax diagramming solution

Blue J Predicts: An Unprofitable Pretax Venture Can Still Be a Partnership

United States Supreme Court Allows Pre-Enforcement Suit Challenging IRS Notice Backed by Tax Penalties

Research Credits


Factor Match: Actual Knowledge vs. Physical and Mental Health in Spousal Tax Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief

Introducing the new and improved Blue J Tax

Tax Foresight Correctly Predicts Outcome in Thoma v. Commissioner

Unrelated Business Income Tax

Using AI to Characterize Financing Between Related Parties

The Step Transaction Doctrine

Real Estate

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Debt vs. Equity

UC Irvine School of Law To Integrate Blue J Legal’s AI-Enabled Tax Platform into Curriculum

U.S. Residency

Economic Substance

Nonresident Trade or Business

Ordinary and Necessary Business Expense

Continuity of Business Enterprise (COBE)

Accuracy-related Penalty and Reasonable Cause and Good Faith Defense

Navigating the TCJA's Waves of Change: GILTI in Focus

Beyond Predictions: Using Machine Learning to Inform Tax Strategy

Qualifying for the R&D Tax Credit: Internal Use Software (IUS)

GILTI in Focus: Recent and Potential Future Developments

Exploring Artificial Intelligence and the Law

Law in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

TCJA Brings Risks of Accuracy-Related Penalties: Are You Prepared?

The Gig Picture: Classifying Workers in a Rapidly Changing Economy

Same Game, New Arenas: Defending Against the Accuracy-Related Penalty

How Legal Tech is Developing Lawyers' Intuition

The Gig Picture: Recent Trends in Worker Classification

US Tax Reform for Exempt Organizations Webinar

Economic Substance: A Machine Learning Perspective on the Multi-Factorial Analysis

Economic Substance: Influential Factors Webinar

Recent Changes to the Taxation of Exempt Organizations Under the TCJA

Behavioral Control Factors in Employee vs. Independent Contractor Decisions

Using Machine Learning to Predict Tax Outcomes

How do Financial Risk Factors Affect Debt vs. Equity Determinations?

Weighing the Factors in Capital Gains vs. Ordinary Income Decisions

Factors Affecting Economic Substance Determinations

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