Technology and Taxes: The Deduction Podcast with Benjamin Alarie

Sep 7, 2022

The complexity of tax law continues to grow and intelligent technology is here to help.

Founder and CEO of Blue J, Benjamin Alarie, recently joined The Deduction Podcast to discuss how AI and predictive technology can bring clarity to the law for tax practitioners. He is accompanied by host,  Jesse A. Solis, Communications Manager at The Tax Foundation, and guest Garret Watson, Senior Policy Analyst at The Tax Foundation. Together, the three explore the intersection of tax policy and intelligent technology.

What makes tax policy so complex? What are today’s challenges for modern practitioners? What does the future of technology and taxes look like? Check out this recent episode to find out.

Listen to the complete episode below:

Technology and Taxes: The Deduction Podcast Feat. Benjamin Alarie

by The Deduction Podcast